Definition is a limitation

The title speaks for itself. Our sights are restricted by definitions that we give to things, situation etc. (which is also known as our opinions). We are complicated yet simple creatures; we think and behave in a complicated way that others can’t understand, yet it is all just to achieve a simple goal. We are imperfect yet perfect; we have lots of weaknesses but still these weaknesses can somehow be strengths. Notice the irony in the use of adjectives? Therefore, how can you still define stuff?

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Thoughts as matter

Can thoughts be made of matter?

If everything that exist is made of matter,and thoughts exist,  does that makes our thoughts matter?? If not, does that mean that they don’t exist? Continue reading

I Remember

According to Chaos theory, a small difference in the beginning can lead to a drastic change in the outcome.

Would I be the same person if I hadn’t met you? I remember a lot of things about you.

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All About Aristotle

This dude is hilarious!


Self Awareness

Is there someone in your brain controlling you? If so, then who is that someone in that someone who is controlling him?


What does it mean to be you? Are you the same person you were 10 years ago? Or maybe the way to ask is, “how are you different now?” This post is about the self. Me-ness, you-ness, self-awareness. Whichever word floats your boat.

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I have to wake up now because i need to go to school.
I have to walk to the toilet to brush my teeth with Colgate now so that i can keep myself hygienic.
I have to put on my shirt, jeans and vans kicks because they make me look younger than my 50 other t shirts and pants.

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Dream vs Reality

Some of us tend to daydream, and it’s often makes us happy or content in a way while doing that. But why do you think that’s the case? Well cause it’s most of the time much better than reality. Advantage of reality is that it’s true, and disadvantage is that you can never expect too much from it. After all, it is reality. And you can’t change it.

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A Bunch of Bullsolophy

What is philosophy? This is a brief intro to us fools.



The Great Wave off Kanagawa

Everyone’s heard of the tsunami in Japan already. Most are going  to “pray for Japan” and all that but does it really matter?

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I forget to be

Yesterday was blurry. Tomorrow is also blurry. But here we WERE, stuck in the never ending recurrence of thoughts.

And out of nowhere i found this.

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