Thoughts as matter

Can thoughts be made of matter?

If everything that exist is made of matter,and thoughts exist,  does that makes our thoughts matter?? If not, does that mean that they don’t exist?

If thoughts can be matter, does that mean that they can exert a force too? Therefore if we all think of the same thing, will the accumulated force of the many people thinking together make a noticeable impact to us in real life? Taking the future as something unpredictable, yet there are still some who can actually predict the future. How is that possible? Could it be that the amount of matter or force exerted onto earth by that person’s thought is significantly higher? The human mind is scary, take 2012 for an example. The Earth’s future, our future, the future of our following generations might all be in the minds of billions of people if this theory is true. Small yet insignificant, but combining many together, it could be destructive.

Our brain is so powerful, sometimes we are thinking, even though we’re not thinking. That alone could produce lots of matter for our lifetime.


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