Definition is a limitation

The title speaks for itself. Our sights are restricted by definitions that we give to things, situation etc. (which is also known as our opinions). We are complicated yet simple creatures; we think and behave in a complicated way that others can’t understand, yet it is all just to achieve a simple goal. We are imperfect yet perfect; we have lots of weaknesses but still these weaknesses can somehow be strengths. Notice the irony in the use of adjectives? Therefore, how can you still define stuff?

And so life is like roads of a city, we can arrive at a certain destination via taking a few left turns and a few right turns. But there are more than one route that you can take to reach your destination. Life shouldn’t be restricted to just taking the single path that is deemed as the “best”.  There are no “best” in this world, it’s just a limitation that is set to cuff u down to a wall. In fact, we are capable to do things better than what is defined as “best”, aka miracles. Miracles don’t just fall from the sky, they come from believing and taking action using the infinite capability of oneself.


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